Always a step ahead thanks to digitization

Sherlock allows you to organize your data, because it combines information from all digital sources in your company. That means you can always find exactly what you are looking for. Sherlock works independently of programs or servers and runs on all common end devices.


Tomorrow’s knowledge

is based on Sherlock

With Sherlock, you can access all the data you need from all of your servers, clouds and other databases in real-time. It lets you improve day-to-day operations in your specialist departments and provide your employees with tools enabling them to avoid wasting time searching for answers locally and instead find solutions in a matter of seconds – without media disruptions.

Sherlock helps to reduce the accumulation of data silos in your company. It provides a view of all data generated in the company (naturally only released data), helping to create clarity across all departments and divisions, in real-time and regardless of where you are. That means you no longer have to count on unreliable interfaces, and misunderstandings are reduced to a minimum.

The increasing lack of specialists and the loss of corporate knowledge in connection with this is a longstanding problem that is hard to resolve. Sherlock helps you to document knowledge reliably in your company and make it accessible to anyone at any time.

Sherlock is the next logical step towards your digitization.


Sherlock is the future

of digitization

As an IT officer, Sherlock not only supports you in your day-to-day business, but above all in managing your company’s future.

Sherlock is the first and only information management software for all documents and platforms so far that makes data visible for specific target groups – just the information they need, just when they need it. Sherlock is fast, safe and reliable, because it works independently of programs or servers and runs on all common end devices as an app – or within your own app. Sherlock helps you to manage transformation – without having to cope with stressful changes.

Finally, a clutter-free IT landscape with clear results.


If your customers knew

what your product designers know …

As head of sales or marketing, Sherlock lets you access the complete knowledge about your products, anytime and anywhere – naturally in real-time.

Sherlock puts an end to information gaps when it comes to your products and their life cycle. Now, wasting resources on the eternal search for product data, the latest design specifications or sales strategies is a thing of the past. Gain more time for your customers, secure revenue and retain your advantage ahead of the competition – with more knowledge that is available more quickly!

Let your customers know what is good for them.


Sherlock is the new dimension

in product and service communication.

As the person in charge of service and training, Sherlock helps you to gain detailed knowledge about your products, their properties and the best way to use them – anytime, anywhere.

Sherlock documents the life cycle of your product from its development to sales and after-sales service by collecting, allocating and intelligently linking all data.

This boosts the effectiveness of your product communication exponentially in a simple yet logical way. Make complex products easy to understand by not only preparing the information well, but also adapting it to individual challenges. At the same time, it means you can guarantee the transfer of knowledge in your company.

Service requires knowledge. Sherlock provides it.


Sherlock gives you an

exponential knowledge lead.

As the responsible project manager, Sherlock helps you to keep a comprehensive view of your company’s value chain at all times.

Sherlock is able to manage extremely large volumes of data and link them intelligently to generate a new quality of knowledge and communication, for example about the path the product takes from its development to production and sales. With Sherlock, you know everything about your products from start to finish. You no longer control your processes via isolated solutions with incalculable interfaces, but via a system-independent platform that holds all the knowledge you need – anytime, anywhere and in real-time.

It’s simple: Sherlock creates clarity.


What can Sherlock do?

Standardisierte Importe
Standardized imports

Transfer your relevant data conveniently via predefined interfaces.

Automatisierte Datenintegration
Automated data integration

Rule-based mechanisms to standardize and link your data.

Datenmodellierung per Drag&Drop
Data modelling with drag and drop

Intuitive interfaces facilitate data modelling.

Individuelle Zugriffsrechte
Individual access rights

Who is allowed to see your data? Configurate viewing rights and much more.

Offene Schnittstellen
Open interfaces

Access published data via a standardized API.

Visualisierung der Informationen
Visualize information

Control your data with holistic reporting.

Die Informationsplattform Sherlock
Die Inforamtionsplattform Sherlock

Hubs and Gateways in Sherlock

Save yourself the tedious task of developing suitable interfaces. Simply integrate your existing systems into the Sherlock information platform.

Sherlock Hintergrund

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Carola Buchwald-Rühl
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Frequently asked questions

Sherlock is a platform that can be used to integrate data from different sources. Data can be modelled and made available via interfaces (REST API).

Sherlock can be used to manage data centrally and create new views for a wide range of different user groups. Building on this, Sherlock facilitates the development of new digital business models.

Sherlock creates value in all areas of the company. Sherlock is managed by data specialists and may be operated by the IT department. It forms the basis for business models that can affect each division in the company internally and externally.

Sherlock can be used to permanently break up data silos and generate new views on data that were previously not possible or only to a limited extent. This means that shared knowledge is made available centrally to each department and/or externally.

The “InfoAgentUI” interface for data modelling, the standardized interfaces to data sources (e.g. CSV, JSON), “ObjectUI” to visualize data more easily, and integrated reporting functions for both internal data management and for evaluating end applications.

No. Sherlock is a decoupling layer between data sources (e.g. ERP, PIM, CRM) and users. Relevant data for the user groups are held in Sherlock and can be called via an API.

Sherlock can be operated both in the cloud and as an on-premises solution in the customer’s computer centre.


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